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Culligan Commercial DI Water Benefits

  • No capital investment
  • No chemical costs
  • Improved water quality with reduction of mineral ions
  • No labor
  • Charge ion exchange resin in all systems
  • Reduced scale buildup

“Culligan’s deionized water helped us gain operational efficiency we previously thought wasn’t possible. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

- Major Auto Parts Manufacturer, Los Angeles, CA

Culligan Deionization Products

Portable Exchange Deionization

Provides high-quality water for specialized applications without capital investment. Regeneration or exchange provided by Culligan. This system reduces on-site labor and chemical handling. We offer a configuration of weak-base or strong-base resin tanks.

Automatic Deionization

Culligan Premier Series Automatic Deionizers produce high-quality water for specialized applications. Automatic DI is a proven, cost-effective component in an integrated Culligan system for improved commercial and industrial quality. Its corrosion-resistant construction features a pumped regenerant system for consistent dosing. The system automatically rinses until your desired effluent quality is reached.

Industries Served

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