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About Us

Are you an engineer, mechanical contractor, plant manager, facility operator or business owner losing operational costs because of poor water quality or poor water treatment equipment? 

Do you have a service turnaround that hinders your operation, costing you time and money?

Hall’s Culligan Commercial Water Treatment has boots on the ground everywhere. This ensures a quick turnaround, eliminates downtime and allows us to quickly service your equipment after initial installation.

For every use — from water that mists produce in grocery stores to hotel washing machines, to the water used in oil field steam injection to the high-purity water used in pharmaceutical production — Culligan answers the distinct needs of industrial customers with an individualized approach through on-site surveys, analysis, and expert service.

Trouble With Slow Service After Installation?

That’s our specialty. Our local business supported by Culligan — the only company fully dedicated to the service of water treatment — allows us to manage our clients quickly for regeneration purposes or other technical services — so your company never needs to sit on its hands for anything. 

One-Of-A-Kind Custom Engineering For Water Treatment

If you have a water treatment solution that wasn’t designed correctly, sized right, or maintained well, let us step in. Our technicians have decades of experience in the water industry.

After more than 85 years in the water treatment field, Culligan understands each business, facility and location is different. For many, a standard product line won’t fit the bill.

Culligan’s equipment has advanced electronic capabilities that includes alarm recognition, historical operating data logging, real-time statistics in US standard and metric, remote monitoring and telemetry options, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

We also have exclusive features only Culligan can bring you, such as Brine Reclaim, Progressive Flow and Aqua Sensor® technology.

Culligan Water Has More Than 85 Years Of Experience

In addition to hundreds of water industry patents to our name. In fact, Culligan is the largest fully dedicated company to the science of water treatment on the market.

Markets Include: Automotive, Boilers/Cooling Towers, Computer Processing, Consumer Goods, Energy Research, Food/Beverage, Laboratories, Healthcare/Medical Labs, Industrial/Commercial Part Manufacturers, Military Defense, NASA/Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Steel, and more!

Contact us today to see what Hall’s Culligan Commercial & Industrial water treatment can do to provide localized water treatment from the best in the industry.