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An environmentally friendly solution for businesses that utilize water softeners.

  • Does not require an individual system for each softener unit
  • A single Culligan brine reclaim unit can work with up to four softener tanks
  • Reduces the amount of salt your equipment needs to operate efficiently
  • Other savings realized on sewage costs (reduced discharge to drain), labor to carry and load salt, and overall water usage
  • Most hotels reclaim at least 25 percent or more of their softener's brine
  • Can save businesses 25 to 40% on salt costs alone
  • Hotels, laundry services, and medical facilities are prime candidates for brine reclamation systems
  • Advance your EPA compliance by preventing waste from entering the environment

“Culligan’s brine reclaim system helped us gain operational efficiency we previously thought wasn’t possible. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

- John B., Manager, Hilton Hotels

Brine Reclamation/Reuse Accessories

Culligan brine reclaim and reuse accessory kit

Brine Reclaim

Brine Reclaim tech returns a portion of reusable brine to the tank, saving both money and resources.


Aqua-Sensor® technology automatically triggers regeneration in tanks to flush away sediment, saving salt, water, and time.

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