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Cadbury Adams, Rockford, Illinois
Description of Business:
Cadbury is a confectionary manufacturer, which manufactures mostly gum (Bubbilicious, Dentyne and Trident)
Money being lost during manufacturing process
Brine Reclaim
Five-figure annual cost savings and Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention

Water is a key ingredient in the manufacturing process at Cadbury Adams, a leading producer of top brands of chewing gum and confections. Their water treatment equipment, responsible for 200,000 gallons of water per day, was highly inefficient, wasting both water and salt. Not only was Cadbury Adams losing money, they were compromising their entire operation.

Cadbury Adams unique situation presented a significant opportunity for big dollar savings and a much lighter load on the municipal waste treatment plant.


Culligan showed Cadbury how we could integrate brine reclaim and create significant savings on salt and water. This would help the environment, as well.

Equipment Installed

New electronic controls for brine reclaim

The Results and Benefits

  • They won the IL Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention.
  • Through nine months, Cadbury Adams saved 221,380 lbs. of salt valued at $8,302 and discharged 490,400 gallons less at a savings of $2,207 on sewage bills.
  • They also save approximately $320/month in labor.
  • In total, Cadbury estimates a savings of $14,439 in one year.

Culligan Advantages

  • Strength of Culligan’s reputation and expertise
  • Leadership of the local Culligan dealer and local service
  • Customer-focused service department
  • Calculation of brine reclaim savings projection
  • Overall commercial/industrial expertise

Products/Services Featured In This Case Study

Culligan brine reclaim and reuse accessory kit

Brine Reclamation/Reuse

Culligan’s Brine Reclamation service can simply be retrofitted to most commercial water softening systems, and provides a more efficient alternative to any other brine reclamation system on the market.

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