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Barco Uniforms
Clothing/Textiles Manufacturer
Hard water in boilers, existing water softener inefficient
Installed a Culligan HE 1" Water Softener
Saved unnecessary cleaning and extended life of boiler tubes (roughly $800/annual savings).

Barco Uniforms is a clothing/textile manufacturer. Their boilers were suffering from effects of hard water caused by an inefficient water softening system. Culligan installed a new system that would soon pay itself off, and extend the life of the company’s boiler tubes.

Culligan® Advantages

•The Culligan® representative was knowledgeable about the complicated requirements of a high-purity water treatment system.

•Culligan® has state-of-the art technology and an extensive range of products.

•Culligan® has been cooperative and responsive throughout the entire process, from planning through after-sale service.

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